What is PrestaShop?

If you wish to create an e–shop, but you don’t have much experience in working with web sites, then PrestaShop is the most suitable solution for you. It is an e–commerce app meant to be simple and easy to work with, but it is rich in features at the same time.

PrestaShop is translated in a variety of languages and is used in over one hundred and fifty countries. It powers 130 000+ e–shops. It features an exclusive admin interface, referred to as “back office”, which is the heart of your shopping portal. Using it, you can easily add more products, manage existing ones, assign quantity discounts, and a lot more, with a single click of the mouse.

PrestaShop is a registered trademark of PrestaShop SA and is not connected with Create a Website 1.

PrestaShop–Optimized Cloud Hosting Services

If your web site is the primary source of your profits, it’s mandatory to have it up and running 24x7, regardless of how many web site visitors you’re presently having. At Create a Website 1, we have the ideal solution for you – Create a Website 1’s optimized PrestaShop cloud hosting packages. Each single plan features a 99.9% server uptime guarantee, which means that your web site will be reachable online 24–7–365, no matter what happens.

Create a Website 1’s PrestaShop–optimized cloud hosting plans also come with unlimited storage space, unlimited monthly bandwidth and unlimited MySQL database storage space allocations. We create daily data backups. Automated backups can be performed and sent to Dropbox too. And with every PrestaShop–optimized cloud hosting plan, you can also get a new domain registration or a domain transfer at absolutely no cost.

A Point & Click Web Control Panel

Create a Website 1’s Web Control Panel, included in each and every PrestaShop cloud hosting package, has one goal – to permit you to dedicate more time to your site and less time to our hosting Control Panel. It’s meant to be intuitive and easy to navigate. Besides, it is very fast and loaded with free bonus features.

Create a Website 1’s File Manager allows for drag ’n’ drop file uploads. With our Database Manager, you can back up databases with a mere mouse click. With Create a Website 1’s Online Stats Manager, all statistics will be gathered automatically, no need for tracking codes. With our Web App Installer, you can easily install more than 40 widely used apps, absolutely no setup is required. With Create a Website 1’s Web Site Accelerators, you can immensely increase your website’s speed and improve your visitors’ on–site experience. And that’s just a hint of what you can do.